Different tires have different security

Tire is important for the driving.Believe that almost everyone would agree, as in a moving vehicle, the only contact with the ground part, the tire is the basic guarantee for safe driving. But here, most people will think of to ensure reasonable tire pressure, regularly check the tire replacement, excessive wear of tires and so on. In fact, for the same car, different tires, also will bring the different security properties.

To tire as example, different pattern design will lead to different performance: a longitudinal groove tread can provide good stability, good drainage and not easy to slide, but the braking force and the driving force is weak, not suitable for running on the gravel road long; transverse groove tread makes the tire driving force, braking force, good traction, high wear resistance, but poor drainage performance, the tire noise is also slightly larger; the advantages of both vertical and horizontal tread longitudinal sulcus and transverse groove tread.

Massive treads for automobile provides good driving force and the braking force, suitable for mud, snow road, suitable for winter use; this pattern is specially suited for dry, wet and muddy, rugged mountain road, design patterns, some tire installation has direction, can provide a more powerful grip and traction, but not suitable for the daily in the city road or high-speed driving. In view of the actual car of their own, choose different tires, will help to improve the driving safety, but also helps to enhance the driving pleasure.

With the development of the city, more and more people own a car, the car also completed the transformation from the original luxury become family necessities. With the widespread use of the automobile, the problems attendant also continue to occur.So OBD Tuning is important.

KWP2000 ECU PLUS Flasher Description:
Connects to USB
Supports high speed ECU flashing
Led Indications for USB-power/CAR-power/rx/tx
Can read and write a lot more ECU’s than the normal KWP2000 Software

KWP2000 ECU PLUS Flasher Functions:
- Read and analys your current ECU software.
- Upgrad the ECU software with a re-mapped file.
- Repair ECUs with software problems or corruption.

KWP2000 ECU PLUS Flasher Workable Model:
For supported ECU’s and the function on them pls. download the pdf file for more details !

Package Contains:
KWP2000 Plus device
USB A/B connection cable
OBD2 connection cable
38 pin Mercedes connection cable
20 pin BMW connection cable
female banana cable

How do you use the KWP2000 PLUS?
1.You need a computer. Installing KWP2000 Plus software.
2.Connect USB cable to your PC;
3.Connect to your car via standard 16-pin OBD2 connector;
4.Supports high speed ECU flashing
5.Led indications for USB-power Car-power/rx/tx
6.Support KWP2000+ software and other KWP/ ISO software

How to Read and Write data?
Read and Write
1.Click read button to read out the original data
2.Click write button and select the file you want to write
3.Save the file to you HD, edit or forward it -Follow the instructions on screen
4.switch off ignition and wait 10 seconds

KWP2000 ECU PLUS Flasher Packing List:
6 pc x Connect cables
1 pc x KWP2000+ Main unit
1 pc x Driver CD

Don’t add too much oil to the car in the summer

Q:A few days ago, to the 4S store to the vehicle maintenance, replacement of the air filter and other components. Maintenance, car is always smell the strong smell of gas, and for a long time after stopping the car, there will be residual gasoline. Do not know the oil leakage phenomenon occur? How to solve?

A:Automobile oil is usually relatively common phenomenon, so the owners do not have to worry. In most cases, some owners gas too full, but that extra gasoline not in vapor form combustion.Because under normal circumstances, each car on the right side of the engine compartment is equipped with activated carbon canister, it specifically adsorbed fuel vapor, when starting the engine, activated carbon adsorption tank will be part of the fuel vapor, but extra gasoline but not by activated carbon tank evaporation, may flow out from the trachea, after a bumpy road the air in the long term, not volatile oil,at this point we can smell very strong smell of petrol in the car. So the car owners, especially in summer the best gas should not be too full, otherwise the situation will lead to a gasoline spill from the activated carbon tank pipe, so that more trouble.

In addition, causes the oil spill is general 4S shop in the fuel oil filter to the owners, because the fuel oil filter in the car, the replacement will inevitably be some pipes are not inserted tightly, so that it may lead to the bottom oil; or in the gas, oil tank, a sealing ring is not installed, the tubing is damaged, encountered bad road conditions, there will be leakage.

Cars make our life more and more convenient, but bring some trouble at the same time.However,we will solve it,if we use OBD Tuning properly.

Honda hds obd2 cable Description:
HONDA HDS cable obd2 diagnostic cable support Honda HDS OEM diagnostic software. It supports most 1996 and newer vehicles with OBDII/DLC3 diagnostics.

Diagnostic Interface:16 PIN
USB Interface: USB 2.0
Power: DC 5 V – 36 V
Consumption: 0.3 W
Dimensions: 76 mmx 43 mm x 19 mmLanguage

-Supported protocols
K-Line ISO 9141
KWP 2000 ISO 14230-4
CAN 2.0B ISO 11898
CAN ISO 15765-4


Supports most 1996 and newer vehicles with OBDII/DLC3 diagnostics
Support Honda HDS OEM diagnostic software
Supports Diagnostics and Active tests
Easy to install and carry
High performance with ARM chip inside
Status LED

Honda hds obd2 cable Packing list:
1pc x CD driver(with user manual in it)

From the tire abnormal wear can pry the second-hand car fault

The wheel every day, and the rough pavement depth “kiss”, wear natural is inevitable. For the second-hand car buyers, you know, from the degree of wear of the tire is to look into the fault of second-hand car hidden: generally if the car is no problem, the wear of the tire should be uniform, if the car tire wear is not uniform, that may be a problem.

Side wear of tire is too large: the main reason is that the front wheel alignment inaccurate. The wheel camber is too large, the formation of early wear out tires, camber angle is too small or not, the inner edge of the formation of early wear of tire. Tire tread jagged wear: the main reason is the improper adjustment of front wheel positioning or front suspension position arrhythmia, ball head loose, so that normal rolling wheel sliding or driving wheel position changing tire wear and the formation of serrated.

Individual tire wear is greater: Individual wheel suspension system disorders, support is bent or unbalanced individual wheels can cause premature wear of individual tires. Should check the positioning of the wheel wear situation, independent suspension springs and shock absorbers work. Alopecia areata shaped tire wear occurs: the individual parts of the tire shape alopecia occurs because the tires wear poor balance. When the high-speed rotation of the wheel imbalance, the individual parts of a large force, accelerated wear and tear, while steering flow, and manipulation performance deteriorated.

If this maintenance information can make your car healthy,so following Mileage Programmer can make your car more better.

Gambit Hitag2 V3.1 2 in 1 Programmer Description:
Gambit programmer is intended for RFID ( transponders ) programming.it is mainly produced for programming RFID transponders and generating RFID transponders from the immobilizer dump/eeprom of the car, in order to be able to start the vehicle.
Gambit programmer works with PCF7935, PCF 7936 and T5 transponders which are not precoded and are completely blank.

Key Makers:
Alfa Romeo 1996 with 93C46 eeprom v.1 (Compatible also for Alfa Romeo 33)
Alfa Romeo 1999 with 93C46 eeprom v.2
Audi immobox 4A0953234 eeprom 93C46
BMW EWS1 immo
BMW EWS2 immo
BMW EWS3 immo

Bmw-EWS1 immo
Bmw-EWS2 immo
Bmw-EWS3 immo
Bmw-EWS4 immo
Bmw-CAS (CAS1)
Citroen Evasion with eeprom 93C66
Dachia Supernova Sagem immobilizer
Daewoo Nexia
Daewoo Espero
Fiat Brava, MC68HC908AZ32
Fiat Bravo, eeprom 93C46.
Fiat Bravo, MC68HC705E6
Fiat Cinquecento, eeprom 93C46
Fiat Ducato, eeprom 93C46.
Fiat Palio, MC68HC705E6
Fiat Punto eeprom 93C46
Fiat Scudo, motorola
Ford Galaxy box-case immo TMS-based
Ford Galaxy box-case immo Motorola-based
Ford Probe 96-97
Honda Shuttle, eeprom 93C46
Honda Civic, eeprom 93C46
Honda Civic, eeprom 93C46 2003
Honda CRV eeprom 93C46
Mercedes Benz set for cars with transponder-type key.
Compatible to 129, 140, 210, S300 S320, S420, S500, E290, Vaneo, A-160, etc.

Hitag2 programmer features:
-Latest versions of HiTag2 transponders are fully supported!
-Widest range of supported cars, using HiTag2 protocol!
-Deep research work, has allowed us to make device, as much as possible correctly adding keys in the car, without damage to its functionality!
-Correct BMW keys programming – RADIO REMOTE is working!
-BMW Explorer keyprog support added!
Key generation from dump is available for the following cars:
-BMW (CAS1/2/3/3+)

Gambit Hitag2 V3.1 2 in 1 Programmer Packing List:
1pc x Gambit&Hitag-2 2 in 1 main unit
1pc x USB Cable

Air hub lubrication is not reliable

Air hub lubrication is not reliable. Full of grease inside the wheel hub, can ensure the lubrication of wheel bearings, empty hub lubrication coating on the bearing grease is not insurance, must fill the gap between wheel grease. In fact, this is not only a waste of grease, but also affect the bearing cooling, lubrication of bearings harmful and profitless.

Breaker contact gap is bigger than the small points. In fact, the contact gap is too large, contact closure time is short, the ignition coil primary current decreases, due to high voltage spark weak, thus causing the engine difficult to start.

Fastening bolt rather tight and not loose. In fact, the various components of automotive bolts, according to the diameter, pitch and uses the specified tightening torque, the size of the corresponding value. The bolt is not up to the specified value of the loose, is not a good idea, but the blind will increase the tightening torque fastening parts are deformed, causing the screw elongation, thread deformation and fracture.

Good maintenance play an important role in car,but Mileage Programmer are necessary.

Ford KM Tool CAN BUS Description:
Ford KM Tool CAN BUS package includes: OBDII Device, sense dongle, software.New Ford KM Tool function include:Read KM from car,Write new KM into car.
New Ford KM Tool CAN BUS
Ford KM Tool(CAN BUS) includes 3 parts: OBDII Device, sense dongle, software.
OBDII device: it should connect car and computer.
Sense dongle: it must connect to computer while the software is running.
Software: First choose car type, then you can use Read KM to get the old KM. Also you can use Write KM to change KM in car.

Ford KM Tool CAN BUS Function:
Read KM: Read KM from car
Write KM: Write new KM into car.
About: The support instrument dash num, device info, newest version, update etc. All info can be get from here.
- While the KM is reading:
- After reading success
- While writing KM
- After written success.
While change KM, just follow the tips give in software bottom.
You can try some times if Write KM failed.
- Device Info: From here you can get you Dongle ID, dongle version, device ID, device version.

FAQ of ford km tool:
Q:How can I update ford km tool software?
A:After you buy Ford KM Tool CAN BUS,in its software,you will see “about”,press it,it has update button.
Ford KM Tool Software can be update on internet.

Q:Can your ford km tool do all ford car from 1998-2010?
A:No,ford km tool mileage correction kit can not do all car,it can do most ford car,also,It can not do FORD truck.

Q: Ford KM Tool Device not Connected” Error,how to do?
A: Reason:Hardware not connected to pc with usb Port,please Plug Device to USB Solution.

Q: GALAXY 12/2006 -not connect ,Ford KM Tool CAN BUS only works for galaxy after 2006. It change mileage on dashboard, not on ecu.
A: That’s For mondeo, smax, galaxy cars. You need to change the PIN connect manually:
The rule is:
Ford KM Tool ————> Car
PIN 6 (High) ————> PIN 3 (High)
PIN 14 (LOW) ————> PIN 11 (LOW)
PIN 4 (GND) ————> PIN 4 (GND)
PIN 5 (GND) ————> PIN 5 (GND)
PIN 16 (ACC) ————> PIN 16 (ACC)
Pay attention to the car OBD, it’s opposite of our device.

Q: When update ford Ford KM OBD, and it shows”Server response error”
A: Pls send log file to us, We will check where is the problem is.

The driver should keep the tire properly pressure

Summer is the season most prone to puncture. Because of the summer hot weather, road surface temperature is higher, if the car tires inflated too full, the high temperatures encountered gas expansion causes the tire pressure increased, the fast-moving situation may cause a puncture.
Another possible cause a tire blowout situation is on the contrary, some owners think wisely will tire pressure down to avoid the tire pressure is too large, but the result of tire pressure is low resulting in excessive compression of sidewalls, the result is still easily lead to a flat tire.

Therefore, the correct tire and most secure way is to keep the tire pressure, while wading after should also carefully check the tire is punctured by foreign body.

Every summer when the vehicle ignition has occurred, spontaneous response to the threat, while the main car parts such as flammable timely vehicle engines, circuit, circuits, etc. to carry out regular inspection and maintenance; but we also need to develop onboard fire extinguisher good habits, fighting their own convenience first time. Of course, if your car has been used for many years and has a lot of related circuit, oil maintenance records, then it is recommended that the vehicle ignition separate purchase insurance to guarantee absolute security.

Good maintenance play an important role in car,but car diagnostic tool are necessary.

Yamaha Bikes Immobilizer Emulator Description:
Yamaha bikes immobilizer works with all motocycles and scooters yamaha from 2006 to 2009 year.
The emulator of an immobilizer for motorcycles and scooters Yamaha.
Works with all motorcycles and scooters Yamaha from 2006 to 2009.
Does not demand programmingonly need is connect wires.
Completely emulates work of a regular immobilizer, including light-emitting diode work on the instrument panel.

For emulator installation in the case of a regular immobilizer:
1. Remove glue hermetic from the immobilizer case.
2. Take out a PCB from immobilizer and desolder from it wires.
3. Connect the emulator according to drawing more low.
4. Insert the emulator into the immobilizer case.

Yamaha Bikes Immobilizer Emulator Specification:
Black (2 pcs.)  GND
Red with a green strip  BATT (+12v)
Red with a white strip  IGN (+12v)
Blue  LED (+5v)
Yellow with a blue strip  K-line Immo-ECU

Yamaha Bikes Immobilizer Emulator Package List:
1 piece Immobilizer Emulator for yamaha

Yamaha Bikes Immobilizer Emulator  Q&A
Q: What can this item do?
A: An immobilizer for motorcycles and scooters Yamaha.

Q: What car or module can be supported by this item?
A:  For motorcycles and scooters Yamaha, Works with all motorcycles and scooters Yamaha from 2006 to 2009.

Q: How to use it ?
A: Does not demand programming only need is connected wires.

The car will also have”rainy disease”

Car cold air after six months of rest, tend to occur after re-enabling poor cooling effect, such as failure, the air conditioning vent in the rainy season and very susceptible to bacterial contamination, resulting in dirty and stank inside the air and so on.

In the rainy season, there are many vehicles appeared difficult to start the engine, sunroof leaks, failures and flooded drainage and other “rainy disease.” Rainy weather car appeared the most common is the air conditioning problem, we recommend that owners do it yourself air conditioning filter replacement, cleaning and then spray some fungicide, remove adherent bacteria.

Intend to car lacquer or wax owner best wait for a long time, spray paint to the next day to dry, and the rain when the paint adhesion is poor, need longer time, so don’t paint in rainy days. Waxing in wet weather, because the post painted with paint adhesion, gloss effect will be greatly reduced.

Cars make our life more and more convenient, but people think automobile beauty and maintenance are very trouble. Actually otherwise, as long as you use the right way and use appropriate car diagnostic tool,not only can save your time, and at the same time also can make your car more beautiful.

Mercedes SBC Tool Description:
Mercedes SBC Tool ABS/SBC System Repair Tool for Mercedes using DAS to check and diagnose the ABS/SBC system in Mercedes Benz’s W211 and R230, there is a faults showed: CODE C249F, OPERATING TIME OF COMPONENT A7/3 IS EXCEEDED (SBC HYDRAULIC UNIT).

Mercedes SBC Tool Functions:
If using DAS to check and diagnose the ABS/SBC system in Mercedes Benz’s W211 and R230, there is a faults showed: CODE C249F, OPERATING TIME OF COMPONENT A7/3 IS EXCEEDED (SBC HYDRAULIC UNIT).

The above hints mean OPERATING TIME OF COMPONENT is exceeded, it’s necessary to replace new SBC HYDRAULIC UNIT; no need extra HYDRAULIC UNIT if with W211/R230 tool.

Mercedes SBC Tool Features & Specifications:
1. Battery support, no need external power supply.
2. LCD indications, easy to operate.
3. Efficient repair, can be repaired within 3 seconds.
4. No danger; with safe indications, which can indicate version number, and if the repair is successful.

Mercedes SBC Tool Models Coverage:
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 012
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 013
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 015
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 018
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 019
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 020
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 023
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 025
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 028

Processing method of steering system fault

The common faults of automobile steering is mainly: the rotation of the steering wheel is too large, not stable, front wheel shimmy, steering head deviation, etc.. Transit steering wheel is too large, instability manipulation check ball steering pump, master pins and bushings, wheel bearings wear, such as wear or clearance gauge, repair should be adjusted.

f there is no excessive wear or the time gap, they should check: first, the steering gear worm gear wear, or the required space, such as the gap is too large to be adjusted; the second, a steering device connected part of the wear and tear, or whether or not to adjust too loose; third, the steering is loose parts installed; fourth, there are loose steering arm down.

First check the wheel dynamic balancing.Tire assembly is correct, check the tire wear is uniform; checking balance block assembly is correct.Should check whether the wheel rim deformation; wheel has a horizontal deflection or radial swing; shock absorber has no loosening or wear; tie, straight rod ball joint, or has loose steering gear assembly; spring steel U bolt, central clamping bolts are loose or damaged; tilt angle is correct; tire pressure is correct.

Master some common sense about car is important,but you need to know how to choose car diagnostic tool.

Automobile Sensor Signal Simulation Tool MST-9000+ Description:
Automobile Sensor Signal Simulation Tool MST-9000+ is an very useful tool for professional technician during car ECU reparing & key programming.

Automobile Sensor Signal Simulation Tool MST-9000+ detailed application range:
1. Automobile sensor dynamic diagnosis, engine, transmission, ABS, air-conditin, Immo etc. for ECU repairing, auto teaching aid model driver, auotmobiles R&D.
2. This Sensor Signal Simulation Tool fit multi-brands cars made in Asia, Europe, USA.

Automobile Sensor Signal Simulation Tool MST-9000+ Special Feature:
1. All cars crank signal simulation experts
It can be set arbitrary waveform output, can produce all the models of today’s engine crankshaft, camshaft signals (Hall, magnetic, optical signals), waveform data, waveform memory card from the long-term preservation, waveform data for free online updates.

2. All cars sensor signal simulation experts
Speed signal, speed signal (Hall, magnetic, optical signals), ABS wheel speed signal, the oxygen sensor signal, throttle signal, air flow, inlet pressure sensor (analog, digital) and other signal simulation

3. All cars Actuator experts
Tachometer, odometer, blower control module, injector, ignition coil, ignition module, frequency and pulse width control solenoid valve, stepper motor drive (four-lane, six-lane), car audio amplifiers, etc. etc all cars actuator simulation experts:
Actuators simulation for Ignition coil, injectors, idle speed stepper motor, ultrasonic generators etc.
Strong domestic first-line five-channel editing functions crank signal
Five arbitrary wave signal analog output
Output signal: magnetic signals, Hall signals, optical signals
1. Actuator
Drive current 3A, 1% ~ 99% duty cycle continuously adjustable frequency continuous adjustment;
2. Sensor Signal Simulation: resistance 100Ω ~ 10000Ω voltage of 0V ~ 5V × 2 0V ~ 1.5V 0V ~ 12V
3. The implementation of simulated driving: 69-channel simultaneous output
4. Stepper motor drive: current 1A, applicable to all vehicles with four, six, stepping motor driver;
5. Ammeter maximum test current: 5A

MST-9000+ Packing List:
1. sensor signal simulation expert Gold Edition 1 set
2. data line 2
3. power line 1
4. CD 1
5. USB cable 1

Analysis of automobile engine belt abnormal sound

Belt squeaking sound, usually on behalf of the belt surface friction coefficient is reduced greatly, have excessive wear. If the noise in the vehicle load, observe one of driving belt, you’ll find out automatic belt tightening device or the tension of the belt wheel resistance or elastic abnormal increase.

Most automatic belt tensioner between the bottom and the tensioner arm, somewhere along the slide direction with a group of belt wear length indicator. The logo by the pointer and two to three mark, it marked the belt tensioner scope of work. If the pointer beyond this range, so the belt about drawing too long, should be replaced. In the automatic belt tensioner is not installed on the car, in the two pulley position intermediate belt elongation measuring scale were measured for a standard. If there are differences with the standard values, the best belt replacement.

Fruit belt squeaky often occurred in the wet weather, and a belt and a belt wheel surface is relatively smooth. We do the same test: let the configuration in the system under load, at the same time to belt sprinkler, if there is noise, replace the belt.

These views are important,if you want to your car more better,you need choose good car diagnostic tool to equipped with your car.

UCANDAS VDM Diagnostic System Introduction:
The state-of-art UCANDAS is delicately engineered and built by P&T Electronic Technology Co., a scan tool R&D company based in China. Established in 2009, P&T is now recognized by the automotive aftermarket industry as one of the fastest growing scan tool companies providing the most extensive and best price-performance ratio OEM-level diagnostic products and first-class customer support in the world.

The UCANDAS VDM Diagnostic System is ingeniously designed to recreate the functionality of the OEM tools used by automotive manufacturers’ dealers, empowering independent garage shops to provide complete servicing in their own shops, including data stream, reading and clearing of diagnostic trouble codes, component activation and immobilizer key coding, etc.

UCANDAS VDM Wireless Automotive Diagnosis System Highlight:
1) It is with Wifi, and the wifi direct distance is 50M.
2) It support Online Update. You can go to ” http://www.ucandas.com/ ” to update your device.
3) Languages Supported:
Supporting Chinese (Simplified), English, Chinese (Traditional), Turkish,German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish,Vietnamese language.
4) Systems Supported:
Supporting Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8
Supporting Android systems (designing)
Supporting IOS systems(designing)
NOTE:Android and IOS don’t support.
5) Our Customers feedback VDM UCANDAS better than Autocom.It support Online Update,free update for one year,it’s function same as launch x431 diagun.

UCANDAS VDM Wireless Automotive Diagnosis System Supported Vehicle List:
European car models: Audi, Benz, for BMW, Citroen, Fiat, Ford EU, Jaguar, Lancia, for Land Rover, MINI, Opel, Peugeot, for Porsche, Renault, Saab, Seat, Skoda, Smart, Vauxhall, Volvo, VW.
Asia car models: Acura, for Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Perodua, Proton, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota
Asutralia car models: AU, Holden
USA car models: Chrysler, Ford, GM.
China car models: Chery, Geely, GWM(New Added Daewoo and Daihatsu vehicles)

UCANDAS VDM Wireless Automotive Diagnosis System Features:
Supporting ISO 9141-2, K/L line, SAE-J1850 VPW, SAE-J1850 PWM, CAN ISO 11898, ISO15765-4 protocols.
High-speed, medium speed and low speed CAN-BUS, Single CAN-BUS diagnosis protocols is supported.
Can check out the year and model of the vehicles automatically and quickly.
All inclusive software coverage – European, American, Asian and Australian prevalent vehicles.
OBDII diagnostic connector has a wide compatibility, which don’t need to replace other connector, during the testing.
Hardware architecture uses new design with multiple protection, interference and stability. Built-in overvoltage protection module is applied, in order to protect scanner and vehicle against accidental damage during checking.
Can work stably in high and low temperature environment, and work well.

What are the reasons it makes the vehicle appear rusty?

1.Erosion of harmful substances.The dust on the road, the saline containing chemical substances, can accelerate the automobile rust, especially by the salt, dust and water pollution and erosion, can make the body part corrosion.In the coastal area, where the air contains salt formed by industrial pollution harmful chemicals such as acid rain will increase the corrosion of the car. The alpine region in the north, the road is not easy to make ice, usually on the road spraying salt water, while the car off, but also on the car body caused by corrosion.

2.Corrosion after mechanical damage.Car by accident or collision scratch the surface stones paint protective layer, can lead to corrosion.

3.Corrosion caused by environmental factors.Areas of high relative humidity, will accelerate the car rust, especially at temperatures just above freezing temperatures tend to be more severe rusting. In humid areas, should be kept dry and cars, to avoid partial body rust, corrosion. If ventilation is poor, with a high temperature make the car dry, it is easy to make the local auto body rust, corrosion.

Everyone has a heart, if the heart stops beating and the life will disappear.Cars are no exception,Auto ECU Programmers is the heart of the car,therefore, quality is good and bad, directly affects the car’s performance and service life.

REVOFLASH 3 for VW, AUDI, SKODA and Jetta Description:
REVOFLASH 3 is an advanced tool for VW,AUDI,SKODA,JETTA cars motor ECU internal EEPROM reading, writing and coding by OBDII connector.All diesel engines with EDC15 – original car odometer/mileage reading and programming from motor ECU, immobiliser PIN code reading and programming from motor ECU, immobiliser disable function, EEPROM read/write – everything by OBDII connector.

REVOFLASH 3 Supported Car Types:
VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat (VAG): all diesel engines with EDC15 – original car odometer/mileage reading and programming from motor ECU, immobiliser PIN code reading and programming from motor ECU, immobiliser disable function, EEPROM read/write – everything by OBDII connector:
VW group(including VW, AUDI, SKODA and Jetta): all diesel engines with EDC15-original car odometer/mileage reading and programming from motor ECU, immobiliser PIN code reading and programming from motor ECU, immobiliser disable function, EEPROM read/write – everything by OBDII connector.
Compatible Vehicle List:
VW group(including VW, AUDI, SKODA and Jetta): all diesel engines with EDC15 – original car odometer/mileage reading and programming from motor ECU, immobiliser PIN code reading and programming from motor ECU, immobiliser disable function, EEPROM read/write – everything by OBDII connector. AUDI EDC15P:
A2 1.4 TDI 80CV
A3 1.9 TDI 101CV
A3 1.9 TDI 130CV
A4 1.9 TDI 101CV
A4 1.9 TDI 115CV
A4 1.9 TDI 130CV
A6 1.9 TDI 101CV
A6 1.9 TDI 130CV
A3 1.9 TDI 101CV
A3 1.9 TDI 130CV
A4 1.9 TDI 101CV
A4 1.9 TDI 115CV
A4 1.9 TDI 130CV
A6 1.9 TDI 101CV
A6 1.9 TDI 130CV
Bora 1.9 PD
Golf4 1.9 PD
Lupo 1.2 / 1.4 PD
New Beeatle 1.9 PD
Passat 1.9 PD
Polo 1.4/1.9 PD
Sharan 1.9 PD
A4 2.5 TDI V6 BOSCH 150 / 180CV E3
A6 2.5 TDI V6 BOSCH 150 / 180CV E3
A8 2.5 TDI V6 BOSCH 150 / 180CV E3
AUDI/VW EDC15VP40_29F800
A4 2.5 TDI V6 BOSCH 163 / 180CV E4
A6 2.5 TDI V6 BOSCH 163 / 180CV E4
A8 2.5 TDI V6 BOSCH 163 / 180CV E4
Passat 2.5 V6 155CV
A3 1.9 TDI 90CV
A3 1.9 TDI 110CV
A4 1.9 TDI 90CV
A4 1.9 TDI 110CV
A6 1.9 TDI 110CV
A2 1.4 TDI 75CV
Peugeot, Citroen (PSA):
diesel engines with EDC15C2 computer – PIN code
reading/programming,EEPROMread/write, original odometer km
reading/erasing from motor ECU – everything by OBDII connector ;
Opel :
Benzin engines with Delco ECU (Motorola HC11F1) – PIN code reading/programming, EEPROM read/write from motor ECU – everything by OBDII connector ;
benzin engines with Delco ECU (HSFI-2.1 Hybrid) – PIN code reading from motor ECU – everything by OBDII connector.

REVOFLASH 3 Supported Car Types:
1pc x ECU Reader Cable
1pc x CD Driver

Car on the mountain road crawling process accelerated weakness

If the carburetor based vehicle malfunction such a specific environment, the basic can be narrowed down to the following points: in the range of ignition system, the high-voltage wire, distributor, ignition coil is damaged, leakage, short circuit caused by damp jump; there may be water vapor into the air inlet pipe, an instant into the carburetor in combustion, decrease engine instability power; other special problems according to the model and testing and repair program judgment.

If the electronic injection car in this particular case, it can be summarized basic points fault coverage: Ignition system is wet; major sensor connector damp, EFI car sensors have generally waterproof performance, and the car has a certain relationship life ; flooded vehicle parts most likely damp phenomenon, which is also an important factor to consider.

To resolve this behavior, more time-consuming, to the electronic part of the itemized inspection and maintenance, in addition to careful attention to the phenomenon when failures occur, such as water temperature, engine any abnormal sound, etc., and then to the more standard maintenance companies, stating failure occurs when all the characteristics of first-hand information to repair personnel to repair personnel narrow scope of the inspection.

Cars make our life more and more convenient, but bring some trouble at the same time.However,we will solve it,if we use Auto ECU Programmers properly.

Mitchell OnDemand Description
2012 Lastest Mitchell +vivid+BOSCH +Nissan Super Code IN 250G HDD
- Mitchell
- Vivid Shop
- nissan super code
- 250G HDD
- 2012 Mitchell OnDemand5 Repair & Estimator
Mitchell On Demand5 Repair & Estimator service manual, repair manual, diagnostic, colour electrical wiring diagram, spare parts catalog, labour times, maintenance, diagnostic trouble codes DTC, technical service bulletins, daignosis and repair, all cars & light trucks 1983-2011, USA market.
Mitchell 1 OnDemand5 is the end product of repair information that has been collected across the past eight decades and presented to our customers in a consistent, easy-to-use format.OnDemand5.com includes Diagnostics, Repair Information,TSBs, Recalls, Maintenance Requirements, Parts Prices, Labor Times, Vintage Information, and Fluid Types and Volumes that have been reproduced directly from the Original Equipment Manufacturers (O E M) published works. All this information is then combined to create the aftermarket industry’s best Wiring Diagrams, Users Tips, and Shortcuts that make up Mitchell 1′s OnDemand5.
Powerful yet simple to navigate, Mitchell 1′s OnDemand Repair has been completely redesigned to deliver sophisticated search capability with increased speed. You’ll save valuable time using brand new shortcuts to TSBs, wiring diagrams, and more!
- 1983-current year Domestic & Import Model Coverage
- Clear, Concise Illustrations & Diagrams
- Time-saving TSBs, Recalls, & Technical Tips
- Detailed, Accurate Repair Articles
- Model-Specific Maintenance Schedules
- Electronic Component Locator for all Models
- Detailed, Accurate Repair Articles
- Model-Specific Maintenance Schedules
- Vivid Workshop
It takes as its basis the technical database of Vivid, which is the code data of vehicles of Europe completely. The professional version includes basic information about the maintenance and repair, adjustment data, technical drawings, fuses and relays, diagnostic trouble codeand data management engine. Likewise includes diagrams for electric air conditioning systems. Vivid WorkshopData ATI includes more repair manuals than any other technical data product.
All manuals combine text with images and drawings (actually more than 40,000 and growing).It includes engine management data of an unrivalled quality and quantity.Its content doesnot allow comparison. Additional modules include: electrical diagrams (comfort electronics) and Repair Times.
- Bosch ESI2011
(Electronic Service lnformation) maintenance diagnostic system, is developed by the German Bosch Company based on their own auto electronic systems with great flexibility. It has English , German, French ,Italian, Romanian ,Croat, Chinese versio,
Spare parts catalog Bosch ESI [tronic] – an information base for auto service or auto parts store. Catalog ESI [tronic]-A makes it possible to correct identification of vehicles and includes a list of auto parts and assemblies Bosch and comparison with other automakers.
Bosch ESI provides access to 18,000 cars, 11,500 trucks, 5000 motorcycles, 8000 tractors, tractors and special vehicles.
Thus, you have the opportunity to work with 95% market share in automotive technology. On this disc you will also find a comparison with other automakers, as well as a complete overview of all parts and assemblies Bosch.
- Nissan super code
Several models now have these Body Control Modules that have their own unique Serial Number. In most cases just pop the fuse panel door and read the BCM S/N on it and use the Nissan SuperCode software to convert it to the PIN Code needed for programming new or additional keys.
Works on WIN-98, WIN-ME, WIN-2000, WIN-XP.

Mitchell OnDemand Support all of this:
Altima 2001-2004
Altima 2005
Armada 2004-2005
FX35/FX45 2004-2005
G20 2000-2002
G35 2003-2005
I30, I35 2000-2004
M45 2003-2005
Maxima 2000-2005
Murano 2003-2005
Pathfinder 2001-2005
Quest 2004-2005
QX4 2001-2004
Q45 2002-2004
Sentra 2000-2004
Titan 2004-2005
350Z 2003-2005

Mitchell OnDemand GUIDE:
look the 5′Digit BCM number from the BCM box,and input to this software ,then click the Calculte pin button ,the software will calculte the pin code to you after few minuts.about the nissan car which is old type, we can give you a factory password together with this software.