What is the responsibility of the personnel on the car insurance?

The so-called staff car insurance, the full name is called the vehicle officers liability insurance, simply put, is to insure the vehicle in the traffic accident insurance for the staff car damage or casualties of compensation. Compensation includes the funeral expenses, loss of working time of medical fees.

Understanding the staff car insurance, many friends may be concerned about a problem, when the number of daily use, the staff car different, even driving the car are different, this insurance to insurance, what are the requirements for the occupants? The persons in the vehicle insurance is a kind of anonymous types, that is to say as long as the car insurance is the insured persons. The insured amount is divided into separate insurance according to the total number of seats and the driver for two types, such as home 5 cars, can cover the whole car single and 5 people, not for two people or three people, but can not exceed the vehicle seats.

A common coverage, coverage is 10000 per person, 20000, 50000 and 10 of the four grade selection, passenger amount must be unified, the driver can choose coverage alone. In addition we visited learned from several large insurance companies, determine the premium according to several vehicle accident recording, the vehicle seat number to determine, not necessarily what links and the vehicle price. At the same time, staff car insurance premium is not too expensive, the vehicle insurance is only one hundred or two hundred yuan, so the conditional owners we advise you to cover the insurance, make provision against a rainy day.

Good maintenance play an important role in car,but Mileage Programmer are necessary.

OPEL TECH2 USB Description:
Opel TECH2 USB Automotive Diagnostic Equipment can perform diagnosis of Engine, Transmission, Chassis, and Body systems for OPEL vehicles from year 1997 to 2004. You need only a PC with the USB interface. And then can detector the problem of your car and protect it well.
USB Interface for the 3rd party Opel TECH2 Software with K-Line Multiplexer which does not require switching of diagnostic pins.

Workable Models of OPEL TECH2 USB:

OPEL TECH2 USB Functions:
This item can perform diagnosis of Engine, Transmission, Chassis, and Body systems for OPEL vehicles from year 1997 to 2004.

OPEL TECH2 USB Packing List:
TECHII USB Interface for opel
USB cable
Software CD

License plate frame installation / sealing

He bought a license plate frame, and the installation time what needs attention? According to the regulations, the first is the natural selection of sealing device, wherein the screw and nut is not required, but the sealing cover is required Chinese characters and vehicle license location referred to as consistent. This kind of sealing screw sets are sold in the Auto Parts City, of course, the Internet also can buy buy, even when the license plate frame can make the businessman donated.

Install the license plate frame, front and rear mounting holes are needed to be sealed, some cars in front of only two screw holes, so this situation is allowed to install the two screws. In addition to the body outside the limits of each plate, the four mounting holes are sealed, rather than the previous two.

Considering the different sound license plate frame and body contact may occur, we can in the mounting plate in the back by a stop pad. Edit and buy a new car license plate frame when the businessman donated two yuan, if the purchase is a matter of a few dollars, but the effect is obviously. In addition to the old license plate rust in the back of the screw hole cleaning, appropriate to apply some oil, can make the installation process more smoothly, also can play the role of anti rust.

These views are important,if you want to your car more better,you need choose good Mileage Programmer to equipped with your car.

CAS3 Mileage correction for BMW CAS / MB EZS / DASHBOARDS / MODULES / with 912 / 9s12 / 9s12x MCU, in circuit programming ( no need removing mcu ), can read / edit / write eeprom of MCU, mileage calculation integrated in soft.

BMW CAS3 PROGRAMMER Supported Models:
BMW 1er,3er,5er,6er CAS2 (9S12)
BMW 1er,3er,5er,6er CAS3 (9S12)
BMW 1er,3er,5er,6er CAS3 (9S12X)
BMW 7er CAS2 E65 (912)
BMW 7er CAS3 E65 (9S12)
X3/X5 EWS4 (9S12)
RangeRover EWS4 (9S12)
E-Klasse EZS (912)
E-Klasse EZS (9S12)
C-Klasse EZS (912)
C-Klasse EZS (9S12)
A-Klasse EZS (9S12)
B-Klasse EZS (9S12)
S-Klasse EZS (9S12)
R-Klasse EZS (9S12)
SLK EZS (9S12)
CLK EZS (9S12)
ML EZS (9S12)
SL EZS (9S12)
Sprinter EZS (9S12)
Landrover Freelander 2002 (912)
Landrover Freelander 2004 (912)
Mini COOPER 2002 (912)
Mini COOPER 2003 (912)
Mini ONE 2002 (912)
Mini ONE 2003 (912)
Mini Navi (912)
Mini EWS4 (9S12)
Mini CAS3 (9S12X)
Volkswagen Crafter EZS (9S12)

1 pc x BMW CAS3 Main unit
1 pc x USB Cable
1pc x Black Cable
1 pc x Driver CD

Brake wear

The brake system is not saying much, both long trip or normal use, have a good braking system is very important. If the brake disc and brake wear or scratches will need to repair or replacement in a timely manner.

A new brake pad thickness is about 1.5cm, with the use of continuous friction thickness becomes thin. Professional and technical personnel, when the brake pad thickness is only the original 1/3 thickness observed by naked eye (about 0.5cm) or so, the owner should increase self frequency, ready to replace at any time. Of course, the individual models because hub design reasons, do not have the naked eye viewing conditions, need to remove the tire to complete.

If the tap the brakes at the same time “iron loiter iron” hiss (there may be produced at the beginning of the brake in the installation of the role), the brake pads must be replaced immediately. Because the ultimate mark on both sides of the brake has direct friction brakes, brake has proved over the limit. Encounter this kind of situation, in the replacement of brake at the same time with the brake disk check, this sound is often the brake disc is damaged, then even if the replacement of new brake pads are still unable to eliminate noise, serious when the need to replace the brake disc.

Cars make our life more and more convenient, but bring some trouble at the same time.However,we will solve it,if we use Auto ECU Programmers properly.

VAS 5052A Description:
VAS 5052A was designed especially for mobile use or to be used as a second or third tester. The tool works with cars belonging to VW Group (SEAT-AUDI-VW-SKODA).
The scan tool mode of operation allows the prescribed transfer of data within the scope of the European On-Board Diagnosis (E-OBD) from and to exhaust gas influencing control units from all vehicle manufacturers. Service information such as service schedules, current flow diagrams etc (ELSA) are shown on the screen and thus considerably reduce the amount of paper needed for conveying such information. The necessary information is available directly at the vehicle and is very up-to-date.

Advantages of VAS 5052A:
- PC-based unit with integrated diagnosis assembly group.
- Modes of operation: Self-diagnosis, OBD and Guided functions.
- Operation via external worktop mains unit (110V/230V alternating current),vehicle onboard supply network via diagnosis lead or rechargeable battery installed.
- TFT colour liquid crystal display (touch screen) for control of all functions at the touch of a finger.
- Interrogating fault memory of all control units, update programming of all control units or resetting service interval display.

VAS 5052A Functions:
The VAS 5054A is a universal dignostic interface for the vehicles of the Volkswagen Group and all OBD vehicle systems from other manufacturers.The integrated bluetooth interface connects the vehicle with a notebook,desktop PC or test system. No cables are needed for vehicle diagnostics using the VAS5054A.
The range of the wireless bluetooth connection is 5 to 10 meters,depending on the environments and the type of bluetooth adapter used on the PC side.
The Serial port Profile (SPP) is used for data transfer via bluetooth.Different bluetooth security levels are supported.

VAS 5052A Packing list:
VAS5052A ( touch screen PC)
OBDII multiplexer connector plus CAN BUS
Charging station for recharging the unit plus power cable
Original Software Spanish and English (current version)

When do routine maintenance you should attention mileage maintenance

In the domestic part of the city, still is the use of ethanol gasoline, in addition to those who request to add more than 95 gasoline cars (most turbocharged models), in many city gas can not meet the label, only 93 gasoline hard to, the impact on the overall performance of the engine. So if you are high grade gasoline vehicles, plus the low grade oil in other areas, the back should be promptly to the 4S shop for oil inspection, if the problem is serious proposal directly to do oil cleaning maintenance.

The use of vehicles in the city, the average daily mileage in the 20-100 kilometers, but if a long car ride, basically are in accordance with the 100 kilometers to calculate the mileage, across the North South or something like self driving basically is 1000-2000 km. In accordance with the usual is six months to a year to maintain a habit is broken, can drive the return, has already reached the next maintenance mileage. So everyone in the car back, remember to check whether the number of kilometers has reached maintenance mileage, do not miss.

Self driving tour in the car to wine and dine is compulsory, best way passenger pass the time, all the way will inevitably encounter things and liquid spilled on the floor and seat, especially the jam and cola stained with these things is more annoying. Usually drive is a person, the rear seat is likely to be ignored, for a long time it won’t wash out. So in the long haul back, please have a look back seat has no stains, timely cleaning out to keep the car environment is health, develop health mildew on the occupant is very unfavorable.

Cars make our life more and more convenient, but people think automobile beauty and maintenance are very trouble. Actually otherwise, as long as you use the right way and use appropriate Auto ECU Programmers,not only can save your time, and at the same time also can make your car more beautiful.

REVOFLASH 3 for VW, AUDI, SKODA and Jetta Description:
REVOFLASH 3 is an advanced tool for VW,AUDI,SKODA,JETTA cars motor ECU internal EEPROM reading, writing and coding by OBDII connector.All diesel engines with EDC15 – original car odometer/mileage reading and programming from motor ECU, immobiliser PIN code reading and programming from motor ECU, immobiliser disable function, EEPROM read/write – everything by OBDII connector.

REVOFLASH 3 Supported Car Types:
VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat (VAG): all diesel engines with EDC15 – original car odometer/mileage reading and programming from motor ECU, immobiliser PIN code reading and programming from motor ECU, immobiliser disable function, EEPROM read/write – everything by OBDII connector:
VW group(including VW, AUDI, SKODA and Jetta): all diesel engines with EDC15-original car odometer/mileage reading and programming from motor ECU, immobiliser PIN code reading and programming from motor ECU, immobiliser disable function, EEPROM read/write – everything by OBDII connector.
Compatible Vehicle List:
VW group(including VW, AUDI, SKODA and Jetta): all diesel engines with EDC15 – original car odometer/mileage reading and programming from motor ECU, immobiliser PIN code reading and programming from motor ECU, immobiliser disable function, EEPROM read/write – everything by OBDII connector. AUDI EDC15P:
A2 1.4 TDI 80CV
A3 1.9 TDI 101CV
A3 1.9 TDI 130CV
A4 1.9 TDI 101CV
A4 1.9 TDI 115CV
A4 1.9 TDI 130CV
A6 1.9 TDI 101CV
A6 1.9 TDI 130CV
A3 1.9 TDI 101CV
A3 1.9 TDI 130CV
A4 1.9 TDI 101CV
A4 1.9 TDI 115CV
A4 1.9 TDI 130CV
A6 1.9 TDI 101CV
A6 1.9 TDI 130CV
Bora 1.9 PD
Golf4 1.9 PD
Lupo 1.2 / 1.4 PD
New Beeatle 1.9 PD
Passat 1.9 PD
Polo 1.4/1.9 PD
Sharan 1.9 PD
A4 2.5 TDI V6 BOSCH 150 / 180CV E3
A6 2.5 TDI V6 BOSCH 150 / 180CV E3
A8 2.5 TDI V6 BOSCH 150 / 180CV E3
AUDI/VW EDC15VP40_29F800
A4 2.5 TDI V6 BOSCH 163 / 180CV E4
A6 2.5 TDI V6 BOSCH 163 / 180CV E4
A8 2.5 TDI V6 BOSCH 163 / 180CV E4
Passat 2.5 V6 155CV
A3 1.9 TDI 90CV
A3 1.9 TDI 110CV
A4 1.9 TDI 90CV
A4 1.9 TDI 110CV
A6 1.9 TDI 110CV
A2 1.4 TDI 75CV
Peugeot, Citroen (PSA):
diesel engines with EDC15C2 computer – PIN code
reading/programming,EEPROMread/write, original odometer km
reading/erasing from motor ECU – everything by OBDII connector ;
Opel :
Benzin engines with Delco ECU (Motorola HC11F1) – PIN code reading/programming, EEPROM read/write from motor ECU – everything by OBDII connector ;
benzin engines with Delco ECU (HSFI-2.1 Hybrid) – PIN code reading from motor ECU – everything by OBDII connector.

REVOFLASH 3 Supported Car Types:
1pc x ECU Reader Cable
1pc x CD Driver

How to avoid the blind and the line?

Even if is the good road, we drove to abide by the rules, and turn on the turn signal after the car. In the side lane flow thick, not suitable for the merging case do not forcibly doubling. Because we speed very quickly, especially in some large trucks, sometimes want to let you in. He cannot stop the vehicle, so do not force line.

Here to remind everybody, high-speed emergency driving belt do not go, here seems to have no the urban emergency so much probe lane, but it can be far more dangerous many urban emergency lane. Large and small vehicles high speed road issues will be handled in this emergency driving belt.

Especially in the treatment of sudden large truck tire circumstance is very common, many people will lose repair tools, bricks, bucket in the left, even the tires and other items. However we choose emergency driving belt mostly because the other road has a car, so when entering this path once the emergency, we couldn’t get out, so the high risk coefficient.

Good maintenance play an important role in car,but Launch X431 are necessary.

Launch X431 Creader VIII Description:
Launch X431 Creader VIII is a well built comprehensive diagnostic instrument by Launch. It’s not only including full function of OBDII /EOBD, but also support more functions of four systems (Engine, automatic transmission, anti-lock braking system and airbag) of main car models, such as read and reset code, multi-languages, data stream graphic display, storage and playback of dynamic data stream, and able to provide special functions, such as engine oil light reset, reset brake block, correct steering angle sensor.

Launch X431 Creader VIII(Launch CReader 8), features OEM enhanced functionality one might expect from a bigger scan tool. Functions include electronic parking brake release, steering angle reset and service reminder reset – not to mention the ability to display and graph live PID data for A/T, SRS, and ABS, along with complete generic OBDII. The tool includes quick boot up, manufacturer-specific code definitions, DTC-specific troubleshooter tips, free internet updates, and the ability to print via PC.

Launch X431 Creader VIII function:
1. Applicable for all vehicles which match OBDII standard after 1996
2. Read and clear DTC.
3. Supports all 10 test modes of the OBDII
4. OBDII Data Stream Graphic Display
5. Display DTC help information and service information
6. Oxygen sensor test, carbon canister test
7. Cover more than 20 main car models in America, Europe and Asia Pacific regions
8. Can test Engine, Transmission, ABS and Airbag systems
9. Read Dynamic Data Stream
10. Service light reset function for multiple car models
11. Support Online Upgrade
12. Special function: Engine oil light reset, Reset brake block, Correct steering angle sensor and so on.

Launch X431 Creader VIII Features:
According to Launch Tech, no other product in the CReader Pro price point offers EPB release, steering angle reset and service reminder resets. This code scanner also offers the full ability to display and graph live PID data for A/T, SRS and ABS, along with complete generic OBDII.

Launch X431 Creader VIII Parameter:
Screen: 3.5 ” TFT LCD Display
Input Voltage Range:  9-15 V
Connection: 16 – PIN DLC
Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 50 degrees Celsius
Storage Temperature: -20 ~ 70 degrees Celsius
External Dimension: 7.4” (L) * 4.17” (W) * 1.08 ” (H)
Weight: below 350g

How to avoid the occurrence of accidents on the highway?

Before starting to find good route, now many websites provide self driving navigation map, remember each outlet distance nodes, prepared in advance, to avoid embarrassing situation miss export. Today, almost every car navigation essential, holding the original factory, mobile phone, even in the navigation software is very popular. But only as we drive navigation reference, not too believe, after all, is a software program, there is the possibility of error, so the navigation as direction, with only the most assured the signs and instructions.

Signs must be the most direct way, especially the highway, the general will advance 30 kilometers, every few miles began to prompt the road next exit. So long as we observe, absolutely can advance determine the export, well in advance of the high-speed preparation. Near the exit is suggested to drive on the right side, and away from the big goods, blocking the line of sight of the vehicle, can guarantee not to miss the export.

If you really unfortunately missed the exit, do not need to panic, not to blindly back. Now the high way exit distance not far, generally every 30-50 km will have an outlet, the next exit turn back, spend some money tolls than out of danger cost-effective.

These views are important,if you want to your car more better,you need choose good obd code scanners to equipped with your car.

Autoboss V30 Elite Description:
These include a ‘Favourites’ option enabling you to quickly access vehicles you work on the most, the latest generation hardware for increased speed and reliability, improved stability of vehicle communications, quicker and easier updating procedures, increased memory (8GB as standard) and larger touch screen with improved graphics.

Autoboss V30 Elite Super Scanner also includes an on Board Battery (optional) , which enables you to access diagnostic socket location pictures and on board manuals without needing to power up from the vehicle first.

This also increases the stability of the tool’s communications, as it isn’t dependent on the vehicle’s battery for power, which can drop sharply due to extended use of tools while the ignition is on without the engine running.

One of the most popular functions of the Autoboss V30 Elite is the ‘self learn’ function. This function gives the tool an element of intelligence that allows it to understand the correct values for ECU live data parameters (such as sensor voltages, air mass meter readings components status etc) automatically when connected to a vehicle e.g it will learn that on a Vauxhall Astra 1.7 diesel the coolant temperature sender should be reading between 0.5 to 4.5 V.

In addition to this,Autoboss V30 Elite Super Scanner also has a ‘comparison’ function which compares the above learned values against the vehicle you are working on and highlights values which are out of range.

AUTOBOSS V30 Elite Functions :
Quick test function to diagnose the complete vehicle
Cover more than 57 makes, 40,000 vehicle systems
More than just reading & clearing fault codes – goes far beyond and accesses the complete vehicle, including: drive line, chassis, body, and the networking/communication modules
Live data and graphing, performs actuations and adaptations
Key programming, Electronic parking brake, Service light reset and much more
Cutting edge operation system: Windows CE
European & Asian vehicles with dealer-level power
Read & change ECU coding
Coding of the new control modules
Internet update function
Testing report saving function
Built-in Mini Printer
All necessary cables and adapters included
One universal connector for most vehicles, including all CAN vehicles

AUTOBOSS V30 Elite Advantages :
Live data graphic display
Full component activation
Read & change ECU coding
Setting of adaptation values
CANBUS function supported
Internet update function
HYUNDAI immobilizer
Testing report saving function
VOLKSWAGON immobilizer III
Coding of the new control modules
NISSAN idle speed self learning function
Multi-language for international market demand
Hand-held independent operation, supporting PC link

AUTOBOSS V30 Elite Specifications:
Memory: 64M
Flash card: SD card, 8G
Display: 7” Wide VGA (800×480) Ultra Bright TFT
Power supply: DC 8~15V, AC 110~250V 50Hz
Port: Diagnostic port, COM port, USB port, Power port
Operating system: WINDOWS CE
Storage temperature: -30~85ºC
Working temperature: -10~70ºC
Humidity: <90%
Package Dimension(mm): L665*W218*H470

AUTOBOSS V30 Elite Packing List:
1pc x Autoboss V30 Elite Main unit
1pc x 8G SD CARD
1pc x OBDII-16
1pc x BMW-20
1pc x MARELLI-3
1pc x GM/DAEWOO-12
1pc x KIA-20
1pc x MAZDA-17
1pc x TOYOTA-17
1pc x TOYOTA-22
1pc x MIT-12+16
1pc x HONDA-3
1pc x AUDI-4
1pc x NISSAN-14
1pc x CITROEN-16C
1pc x Benz-14 Connector
1pc x FIAT-16
1pc x Benz-4 Connector
1pc x BENZ-38
1pc x Main Cable(2m)
1pc x Battery Cable
1pc x Cigarette Cable
2pc x FUSE 5A 30*6
4pc x FUSE 5A 20*5
1pc x DC Adapter
1pc x Power cable
1pc x SD Card Reader
2pc x Printing paper

Ramp parking retention is easy to cause accident

In There are plenty of people who highway entrances and exits, ramp stay, rest, find the way even et al. Such behavior will not only affect the traffic, the normal running would interfere with the main road vehicles, and even traffic accidents. The export of high-speed reversing, this confused the driver is not much, but it is Dutch act “attack standard”. Once the accident, not only to myself, especially after the car will bring great harm.

The highway enters a tunnel or front of the cave have reminded marking clear, ask you to turn on the lights. But many owners to turn a deaf ear to, feel the tunnel lighting enough not to turn on the lights are the same. Actually otherwise, enter the tunnel as the light changes, human need a process of adaptation. The lights, the main role is to remind the car, before and after the attention away from the car, not for the way!

Time bomb fatigue is also the high speed driving safety “”. Although fatigue often occur in large trucks or long-distance truck drivers on the body, and the general feeling owners not. But the fact is not such, normally we suggest each drive 2 hours to rest for at least 15 minutes. Because, you may feel tired in consciousness, and has not yet appeared trivial yawning or sleepy, but the body has begun to fatigue, people’s actions and reactions will be relatively slow, driving posture may be more relaxed, spiritual concentration will decline. If the accident emergency treatment, your speed will slow down, or even an accident.

Good maintenance play an important role in car,but car diagnostic tool are necessary.

Mercedes SBC Tool Description:
Mercedes SBC Tool ABS/SBC System Repair Tool for Mercedes using DAS to check and diagnose the ABS/SBC system in Mercedes Benz’s W211 and R230, there is a faults showed: CODE C249F, OPERATING TIME OF COMPONENT A7/3 IS EXCEEDED (SBC HYDRAULIC UNIT).

Mercedes SBC Tool Functions:
If using DAS to check and diagnose the ABS/SBC system in Mercedes Benz’s W211 and R230, there is a faults showed: CODE C249F, OPERATING TIME OF COMPONENT A7/3 IS EXCEEDED (SBC HYDRAULIC UNIT).

The above hints mean OPERATING TIME OF COMPONENT is exceeded, it’s necessary to replace new SBC HYDRAULIC UNIT; no need extra HYDRAULIC UNIT if with W211/R230 tool.

Mercedes SBC Tool Features & Specifications:
1. Battery support, no need external power supply.
2. LCD indications, easy to operate.
3. Efficient repair, can be repaired within 3 seconds.
4. No danger; with safe indications, which can indicate version number, and if the repair is successful.

Mercedes SBC Tool Models Coverage:
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 012
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 013
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 015
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 018
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 019
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 020
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 023
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 025
BOSCH NR: 0 265 960 028

Emergency traffic road overtaking is easy to cause accident

The emergency lane, just as its name implies is to do “emergency driving or emergency stop” by. If from here, because overtaking is easy with anchor blowout reasons stop in the emergency Lane vehicle collision, and because the overtaking rate will be faster, very prone to accidents. In addition, even if the emergency parking lane not anchored vehicle park. But here are often used for repair or emergency treatment of traffic accident, vehicle parts, there is likely to be scattered on the road. If the tire pressure to these parts of high speed, easy to cause the explosion, which occurred in the accident.

Warning triangle is equivalent to the role of a policeman in traffic to you your car, so that after the car away, increase your safety. For preventing collision! In accordance with the requirements of the triangular warning signs should be placed in the car after a distance of 100-150 M. Slow to occupy the fast lane, the right side overtaking. This is a major disease of expressway. The main lane, Lane divided on the highway, but many drivers like long time driving in the overtaking lane, or even slow down, forcing the car can only transcend from the right side of the main lane.

Variable road do not turn on the lights, the regardless of the city road or highway are common. The greatest harm is the car failed to remind function, which planted the hidden danger. General passenger cars starting from 100km/h brake to complete the vehicle braking requires 40-45 meters distance, this is not the driver of the pre judgment and reaction time. 100km/h speed, which is 27.8 meters per second, so pre judgment and reaction time, highway safety distance is recommended to maintain 200 meters is very reasonable.

These views are important,if you want to your car more better,you need choose good car diagnostic tool to equipped with your car.

Yamaha Bikes Immobilizer Emulator Description:
Yamaha bikes immobilizer works with all motocycles and scooters yamaha from 2006 to 2009 year.
The emulator of an immobilizer for motorcycles and scooters Yamaha.
Works with all motorcycles and scooters Yamaha from 2006 to 2009.
Does not demand programmingonly need is connect wires.
Completely emulates work of a regular immobilizer, including light-emitting diode work on the instrument panel.

For emulator installation in the case of a regular immobilizer:
1. Remove glue hermetic from the immobilizer case.
2. Take out a PCB from immobilizer and desolder from it wires.
3. Connect the emulator according to drawing more low.
4. Insert the emulator into the immobilizer case.

Yamaha Bikes Immobilizer Emulator Specification:
Black (2 pcs.)  GND
Red with a green strip  BATT (+12v)
Red with a white strip  IGN (+12v)
Blue  LED (+5v)
Yellow with a blue strip  K-line Immo-ECU

Yamaha Bikes Immobilizer Emulator Package List:
1 piece Immobilizer Emulator for yamaha

Yamaha Bikes Immobilizer Emulator Q&A:
Q: What can this item do?
A: An immobilizer for motorcycles and scooters Yamaha.

Q: What car or module can be supported by this item?
A:  For motorcycles and scooters Yamaha, Works with all motorcycles and scooters Yamaha from 2006 to 2009.

Q: How to use it ?
A: Does not demand programming only need is connected wires.

A correct understanding of high speed indicator

The dart is also called provincial trunk road, the road signs in highway, beginning with the letter S, such as S101 Road, black font, background color is yellow, very good recognition, the provincial non closed road. The road is communicated with the important countries in the region, road traffic trunk skeleton role in the road network, road in the street that begins with the letter G, such as G104 national highway, the font is white, color is red, the same is very eye-catching, and highway, road and non road closure.

Highway of high grade highway, belongs to the closed road, National Road and highway traffic speed is much higher. In the street signs in freeway and highway with the letter G, such as G2 high speed, high speed is used at the beginning of the S, such as S30 high speed, and are all white font, green color, and put a red or yellow stripes (yellow for high speed). High speed G and at the beginning of the S are fully closed the highway, just at the beginning of the S logo on behalf of the road belongs to certain provinces and cities, there is no special significance.

Represents the identity in the signs of the high-speed service area for the capital English letter P, and combined with the service period represent different types of image interpretation is very good recognition. Service area generally provide catering, gas station, bathroom, small supermarket, service repair factory and other travelers may need, usually every 30 kilometers there will be a service area.

Good maintenance play an important role in car,but car diagnostic tool are necessary.

TOYOTA DENSO Tester-2 (it2) Description:
TOYOTA intelligent tester 2 (IT2) for TOYOTA and SUZUKI.Toyota IT2 scanner works for most type of Toyota(made after 2000) and Lexus included read code, clear code , data flow, action testing and guard against theft initialization function. And it also supports OBD-II. SUZUKI SDT is the SUZUK company professional diagnostic tool for the Suzuki car.

TOYOTA Intelligent Tester 2 Function:
- All type of Toyota(made after 1996) and Lexus included read code, clear code , data flow, action testing and guard against theft initialization function. And it also supports OBD-II.
- DENSO Diagnostic Tester-2(DST-2) for TOYOTA & LEXUS enables you to diagnose control system for engines, ABS and airbag, even through CAN-diagnosis communication.
- CAN communication Diagnosis DST-2 realizes more accurate diagnosis through CAN communication that speed is 50 times faster than conventional.
- Easy operation on LCE display with touch panel 5.7 inch full color display with touch panel assists an easier operation
- Voltmeter and Oscilloscope not only communication basis diagnosis (Diagnostic code, ECU data monitor, Active test), but also voltmeter and oscilloscope detect alteration in the electric signal to find out the troubling part.
- Data recording to your PC saved data such as data-list can be downloaded to your pc.

IT2 specification:
Dimensions 145mm x 223mm x 71mm
Source voltage DC 10-32V
Power consumption normail:7w(12VDC) charging:10w(12VDC)
Operation temp: 0~45
Storage temp: -10~ 60
LCD Display 5.7 inch
Touch panel input: by finger or stylus pen
Key four(up, down, two function keys)
Built-in clock for a time stamp
PC communication PC card slot CF x 1ch
USB Host: 1ch function:1 ch
Serial 1ch ( RS-232C)
Vehicle communication CAN, ISO9141
Back up power supply lithium-ion battery 7.4v 1000mAH

TOYOTA Intelligent Tester 2 Package Include:
1. Mainframe — 1pc
2. OBD-II — 1pc
3. Charging line — 1pc
4. Lin line — 1pc
5. Measuring leads for multimeter 1 — 1pc
6. Measuring leads for multimeter 2 — 1pc
7. Card–2pcs(2013.10 toyota, 2013.10 suzuki card)

Need to attention when you meet kerbside

The curb height is not the same, should first of all on the height of the steps have a visual on before, first is to look at the height of the tire and the curb, if it is less than the height of the tire side walls of the tire wall, can be considered, but if the tire sidewall height than the higher the curb, suggestions don’t try. Again, this will hurt the tires and wheels, The loss outweighs the gain. The second is to look at the vehicle ground clearance and front and rear bumpers and the height of the curb height difference, if only slightly higher than the curb bit, it must consider the Is it right? Have better parking space to compromise.

On the curb this action itself is normal wear and tear on the suspension structure of tire, absorber, a non, if in order to better and faster on the curb to hard, so it is more serious to the above parts destruction, often have such high intensity shock damper, tires and your life will be greatly reduced.

If you can’t compromise on non to curb the case, we should first let the car slowly climbed up, let the tire to the curb, use the 1 block, accurate with oil from (if the curb is high, does not recommend the use of this action, it will increase the engine load, increase wear gear and clutch), at the same time, the right hand should be ready to pull the handbrake, if climbed with the hand brake failure, auxiliary brake, otherwise the car down your bumper may be wounded.

These views are important,if you want to your car more better,you need choose good car diagnostic tool to equipped with your car.

BMW OPS PRO Description:
BMW OPS Pro can be used with any laptops & computers,when diagnose with BMW car ,just connect the External Hard Drive with comp.
On vehicle models from the E65 on, BMW is for the first time using fibre-optic cables as standard for communication between control units.
The optical buses are notable for their high data transmission rate and they are not susceptible to electromagnetic interference. The optical buses in question are the most bus, primarily used for in-car entertainment electronics, and the byteflight bus, which serves predominantly safety-critical functions.

BMW OPS Programmer Function:
Primarily used for in-car entertainment electronics, and the byteflight bus, which serves predominantly safety-critical functions.
BMW OPPS has been designed for encoding, individualising and programming ( CIP) via the Software Service Station (SSS) and envisaged for use as part of the BMW diagnostic system (DIS) from DISPlus and Group Tester One (GT1). It is intended for testing and programming tasks from the E65 series, taking the place of the diagnostic head.

BMW OPS is intended for rapid programming of control units.
When operated at the SSS, no diagnostic or technical measuring pro-cedures are possible, as no measuring technology is incorporated; in this instance, OPPS/OPS is used predominantly for programming control units (flashing). Communication with the vehicle can be performed both via the most and via the OBD interface. The OBD interface is required for the power supply to the OPPS/OPS and has communication properties via which the vehicle can be identified and the data to be programmed can be determined. From CIP version 7.0, it is possible to delete fault code memories via OPPS/OPS.

OPS with SSS for programming Supported Models:
(1) Vehicle interface via OBD-II socket:
E87, E90, E91, E92, E60, E61, E63, E64, E65, E66, E70, E83, R56, R50, R52, R53
(2) MOST compatibility ( multichannel programming):
E87, E90, E91, E92, E60, E61, E63, E64, E65, E66, E70, R56, R50, R52, R53

BMW OPS Programmer FAQ:
Q: How to update BMW OPS software?
A: BMW OPS software update is through hard disk.You can send the old hard disk back to us and we install the new software in the hard disk and send back to you.You only have to pay the shipping  cost for this update.

Q: What is the difference between BMW OPS and BMW OPPS?
A: This two product almose the same function.Compared with BMW OPS,the quality of BMW OPPS better.

Q: Does this BMW OPS support an old models like E36,E34 and E39?
A: You can download the car model that BMW OPS support from our website.It can works on E36 E34 E39.

BMW OPS Programmer Package Including:
1 X OPS head
1 X 16 Pin Cable CAN BUS
1 X LAN cable (RJ45 ODU plug)
1 X Fiber Cable