CareCar C68 Retail Professional Auto Diagnostic Scanner is Easier to use than Launch X431 diagun

C68 retail professional car diagnostic tools for DIY auto scanner, support all OBD II protocols,the same function as diagun.

Faster than Launch X431 diagun
Cheaper than Launch X431 diagun
Easier to use than Launch X431 diagun

1. Supported Language: Multilingual (Remark: English is default)
2. CareCar C68 is without Software in the package. But you can choose one freely. If you want more , you need to provide the serial number and pay for it.
This device we only provide hardware, you need to purchase software sepreately from us. Each car software cost 45USD. If you need any car software, please leave a message under your order list, we will send you invoice for software you want to purchase. Once we get payment, we will open the software authorization for you, and you only need to update your machine, then it will have the software that you purchased.

C68 retail is for end user DIY tools. It is only uploaded with one type vehicle software. If you order the C68 retail, pls tell me your desire vehicle brand.

C68 Coverage:
Area or Country Vehicle Manufacturers Universal OBDII/EOBD/JOBD
USA: GM Chrysler US Ford Chevrolet

Fiat Lancia Alfa Romeo Benz Audi BMW
VW Skoda Volvo Opel Renault Citroen
Peugeot Land Rover Smart Seat Saab Vauxhall
Sprinter Jaquar Rover Porsche Euro Ford MG

Honda Suzuki Subaru Toyota Daihatsu Mitsubishi
Mazda Nissan Kia Hyundai Daewoo Isuzu
Maruti Mahindra Tata Golden Dragon Lifan Ssangyong
Brilliance Chery GreatWall Perodua Proton HaFei
Geely Chang an Changhe BYD SH GM Wuling Tailand Isuzu
Indonesia Suzuki Indonesia Daihatsu

Holden Australian Ford
Middle East Iran:
Kia Iran Citroen Iran Peugeot

CareCar C68 Retail Professional Auto Diagnostic Scanner Package List:
1pc x C68 Main Cable
1pc x C68 Connector
1pc x SD Card
1pc x USB Cable
1pc x Stylus
1pc x Screen Protector

This is 100% Original Launch X431 IV

This is 100% Original Launch X431 IV ,it’s X431 Master update version.
Launch X431 IV can update on launch offcial site in any country all over the world without limitation,the dealer code is 86A;
It comes with a SN and password for you to reigster on launch offcial website;

After you register,then you can download the lastest software to update.
Please leave me a message which language version u want when u place the order ,if you donot leave a message,english language version will be sent out by default.

As far as i know,customers from Russia, Ukraine,Kazakhstan Azerbaijan, Belarus usually choose russian language version;
Customers from spain,mexico,Venezuela usually choose spanish version and so on……..

Launch X431 IV Auto Scanner is the newly auto scanner from LAUNCH, which improved the features and function based on all feedback from the user’s served by the X431 in their respectively fields of works. Compact Smartbox , main unit, printer, powerful diagnostic functions, fast and convenient update, universal 16PIN connectors, make it the first choice for technicians. X-431 IV Auto Scanner is the standard equipment for technicians.

Launch X431 IV is an classic,economical,simple,steady vehicle diagnostic tool newly released by Launch. It follows the open platform of X431 series, also it inherits many advantages of X431 including a wide coverage of vehicle models, powerful testing functions and accurate test data. At the same time,the unique rotatable diagnostic connector design is convenient for use’s operating.It’s a cost-effective diagnostic product on the market.

Launch X431 IV Functions:
a) Diagnostic functions: trouble diagnosis of automotive ECU’s; (Features including: read trouble code, clear trouble code, read data stream and special features), the diagnostic software completely consistent with that of X431, fully inherited the advantages of X431 including wide coverage of vehicle models and high precision test;
b) PDA functions: (handwriting with stylus, personal data management,English-Chinese dictionary, etc.);
c) Optional functions: creation of repair files and access to maintenance data);
d) Mini printer (can be used with X431PCCENTER to connect to the computer for storage of vehicle test data )

Q: The accessory between X431 IV and Master can be used universally ?
A:Can not,because the connector of the main USB cable is different.

Launch X-431 IV Software Update Video

We also have other Launch X431 products such as Launch X431 Diagun 3, Launch X431 GDS,Launch X431 V and so on.

Need to go to the shop repair project

Similar to tire of the tire, the cooler weather can cause the belt to accelerated aging, aging serious belt because of toughness, easy to loose, slipping, so to check the belt carefully in the winter before. But checking belt general to carry out with the help of a professional, once found the aging damage, need to develop the habit of regular and relatively frequent habit of checking, serious when shall timely replacement.

The weather turns cool, for vehicle batteries also pose a considerable threat. The battery of some life close to the limit, the summer use may not show the problem, when the cooler temperatures will be accompanied by a vehicle is difficult to start, start the weak can’t even start, it is important for battery check. But the battery life and working condition inspection needs instrument in the professional repair shop, we are unable to detect the.

Antifreeze is an important oil the whole car oil, with increased use of time, there will be other material mixing led to its freezing point will rise of antifreeze, so check in before winter antifreeze is very important. Through the repair shop in the professional cryoscope instruments can detect the antifreeze can continue to use or need to be replaced, comply with professional advice for inspection and replacement, avoid to bring such as car after the winter temperature anomaly.

Master some common sense about car is important,but you need to know how to choose Launch X431.

Launch X431 Diagun Description:
X431 Diagun is a specially designed diagnostic tool for automotive technicians.Compact main unit, powerful diagnostic functions, fast and convenient update,universal connectors, make it the first choice for technicians. X431 Diagun is the standard equipment for technicians.

X-431 Diagun is a newly developed wireless diagnostic computer with full color display screen. It is a product integrated with automotive electronic technology application and information network technology.

“Portable Vehicle Fault Diagnosis Technology” is an advanced vehicle diagnosis technology first created and advocated by Launch and represents the highest level of vehicle diagnosis technology in the world. This is also the development trend and the best solution of this field in the future.

X431 Diagun can test almost all the domestic cars and the imported ones from Asia, Europe and America. Launch X431 Diagun diagnoses two cars at the same time, compares and analyzes the data to find the fault. Its features are high quality test, upgrading fast any where at any time and synchronized with the newest international models. Compared with other products, it has high quality and performance.

Launch X431 DIAGUN Function:
1.Open automobile diagnosis function
2.Email free update function
3.PDA function
4.Multi-language display function
5.Print function

Launch X431 DIAGUN Features:
1.An open diagnostic technology based on LINUX operating system;
2.Get online directly and update conveniently;
3.Information can be shared and brightness can be adjusted;
4.Large LCD touch screen for convenient data input;
5.Interactive and simple operation interface with modern design;
6.With all functions of PDA;
7.Innovative outline.