After a free maintenance period, the driver should go to where maintenance it?

It was suggested to the 4S shop, some say the best to the comprehensive vehicle maintenance plant. In the end which is more appropriate?Whether you choose the 4S store or comprehensive automobile repair factory they have advantages and disadvantages of each.

First look at the 4S store, it is brand of car manufacturers specify maintenance repair shop, large investment, service environment is good, spare parts provided by the automobile manufacturers and special maintenance and repair equipment, tools, the manufacturers of training skilled workers, there is a certain guarantee of the brand of automobile maintenance and repair quality. But the 4S store is exclusive, only repair the manufacturers specify the brand, and the spare parts and the price is relatively high.

Comprehensive car repair workshop can be maintenance of various brands of cars, spare parts purchased from the market, equipment and human resources are fully utilized, and thus maintenance and repair price is relatively low, but within a certain time on the technical and performance automotive brand mastery than 4S shop.

Nowadays,high quality car tools is becoming more and more less,so how to choose good mileage correction tools is a challenge.

Launch CNC 602A Injector Cleaner Description:
Launch CNC 602A Auto Fuel Injector Tester and Cleaner(launch cnc 602a,cnc 602a)
CNC-602A is an advanced electromechanical product, which can clean and test injectors by simulating engine working conditions. It can also perform cleaning on the injectors and fuel supply system on vehicle.

Launch CNC 602A Injector Cleaner Specification:
Power supply: AC220V10%, 50/60Hz(110V-220V only need a voltage converter, we can provide the transformer.).
Input power: 250W;
Ultrasonic cleaner power: 100W;
Simulated RPM range: 109990rpm; step: 10rpm;
Time range: 19999s;
Pulse width: 0.525ms; step 0.1 ms;
Fuel tank capacity: 4700ml;
Dimensions: 385mm410mm500mm;

Launch CNC 602A Injector Cleaner Functions:
- Ultrasonic cleaning: To perform simultaneous cleaning on several injectors and to remove the carbon deposits on the injector completely.
- Uniformity/Sprayability test: To test the uniformity of injecting amount of each injector, and to monitor the spraying status of each injector with the help of backlight. This test is also for reverse flush.
- Leakage test: To test the sealing and dribbling conditions of injectors under system pressure.
- Injecting flow test: To check the injecting amount of the injector in 15 seconds of constant injection.
- Auto. test: To test injectors by simulating different working conditions.
- On-vehicle cleaning: The unit is equipped with various adaptors and couplers that facilitate cleaning on the injectors on vehicle.

Launch CNC 602A Injector Cleaner Spare Parts:
- 105020217 CNC pulse signal connection cable 1,T=0.5
- 105020218 CNC pulse signal connection cable 2,T=0.8
- 103260037 Ultrasonic cleaner assembly 100W
- 106030038 On-vehicle adaptor package(tool kits)
- 107010428 CNC-602A user manual(En&Ch)
- 103250013 Top-supply connector 1
- 103250015 Swiss thread adaptor for fuel top-supply injector
- 103250016 Coarse thread adaptor for fuel top-supply injector
- 103250018 CNC-601/801 Hexangular stopper
- 104990012 CNC-801 BUICK injector adaptor
- 199010019 Injector testing liquid
- 307030024 Injecter detergent

Why the car must have the battery?

The main responsible for the initiation of battery for automobile engines and power supply to the electric control system of the car, to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle. Without power supply through the installation of generator on the engine for its charge, when the engine does not work for the electric control system of power supply.

1.When you start the engine, to provide start-up current powerful to the starter (usually up to 200-600A).
2.When the generator is overloaded, can assist the generator to power electrical equipment.
3.When the engine is idle, to the electricity supply equipment.
4.When the electric potential generator terminal voltage higher than lead-acid batteries, will be a part of the electrical energy to chemical energy stored, is charging.
5.Battery or a big capacity capacitor, can protect the automobile electric appliances.

The plate of the accumulator is composed of lead and lead oxide, the electrolyte is a solution of water. Its main advantage is the voltage stability, low price; disadvantage is less energy (per kilogram battery stored energy), short service life and maintenance of frequent.
Dry charged battery, its main characteristic is the electrical storage capacity of the negative plate has high, in a completely dry state, can save electricity in two years, when in use, only need to add electrolyte, etc. after 20 – 30 minutes can be used.

Maintenance-free batteries due to its structural advantages, electrolyte consumption is very small, in the life of the basic need to add distilled water. It also has shock, high temperature, small size, low self-discharge characteristics. Life is generally twice that of ordinary batteries.

Good maintenance play an important role in car,but mileage correction tools are necessary.

c3 Software Description:
- Open in DAS for diagnosing W204 C-Class without password
- Xentry : 21 language
- DAS: Developer + 21 languages – Workshop Information System
- : Electronic Parts Catalog – ST finder2009 : Part location finder
- SD Media: Video and PDF lessons
- PL64 : Parts Price 2010.06
- Smart TAN Code: Opened special function in DAS program with Smart cars
- STARUTILITIES : the movement management system and self-test
- Benz training : Benz Repair Info Library.
- DAS 21 language:Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finish, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and US English
- Compatible computer: Any other laptop which was SATA format and IBM T30 laptop( IDE format)
- This software including DAS DEVELOPER AND XENTRY DEVELOPER,but it only has germany language

c3 Software language

c3 Software Packing list:
One MB STAR newest software

Good driving habits is the key for saving oil

In the automotive repair,car owners to be a smart consumer.There are automotive professionals said that some fuel products may corrode internal engine parts, should feel free to use.Compared to adding fuel-efficient and other products for cars to save oil,automotive professionals reminded owners,more fuel-efficient cannot save oil properly,as owners change their daily driving habits, or be able to be truly fuel-efficient.

How to maintain a good driving habits, automotive professionals presented their perspectives: first of all, owners usually pay attention to maintenance vehicles;Second is in the process of moving, speed as much as possible;Three are in the process of moving, not a foot throttle the foot brake,because it is more fuel consumption.

Automotive professionals to draw the attention of owners of new vehicles, new vehicle break-in period oil sensitive, if the ground is not good, car of the future may be more fuel consumption.

Cars make our life more and more convenient, but people think automobile beauty and maintenance are very trouble. Actually otherwise, as long as you use the right way and use appropriate mileage correction tools,not only can save your time, and at the same time also can make your car more beautiful.

Renault Can Clip Interface Description:
Renault CAN Clip Diagnostic Interface is designed to diagnose Renault cars models including automatically test all Renault models’ computers,reporgramming,airbag test and other functions.The newest version is V124, and it supports multiple languages.

Renault Can Clip Interface Function:
- See all the information relating to the vehicle
- computer test
- automatic test of all computers
- reprogramming
- airbag test
- scantool (OBD tests)
- Base Doc (access to Technical Notes)
- physical measurements
- antipollution
- multimeter

FULL Instructions :
Before installing please do the following steps:
1. Uninstall previous version of Renault CAN-Clip if you have
2. IF your 1st installation: Run Crack.reg

After installation finish & you will reboot, you will get SPX Registration….
To avoid PERMANENTLY this, do the following steps:
1. Alt+Ctrl+Del (Kill process RSRWin.exe)
2. Delete RSRWin.exe (in C:Windows)
3. Use Regedit (and Delete “ALL” values with name RSRWin)
4. Reboot your machine!!!
5. NO MORE flash for SPX Registration…
Before your 1st Running with the program make those steps:
You NEED to have 1 Renault Car (and ALWAYS Renault clip running-working)

when you have Renault Car!!!
1. Connect your Clip Sonde Can Interface 1st in your Car (OBD Slot)
2. Turn Ignition ON (NOT Engine running)
3. Connect your Clip Sonde Can Interface via USB cable with your computer
4. Start to installing ALL the Drivers (that they will be appearing) and
you can find those in: C:WINDOWSsystem32drivers or from this DVD in the folder “CAN-Clip Drivers”.
5. You must INSTALL 4 Drivers (4 TIMES the same thing)
After you finish, you can RUN now finally your CAN-Clip Software.

Renault Can Clip Interface Package include:
- 1 pc Renault CAN Clip Interface main unit
- 1 pc Renault can clip – Car connection
- 1 pc Renault can clip’scable for CAN Clip – PC connection
- 1 pc Reanult can clip’s software CD ( the latest version)

How to use the spare tire?

1, The installation of non-full-size spare tire to follow the speed limit driving
As the non-full-size spare tire specifications difference with the original tires, non-full-size will have speed limits of identity on a spare tire, a general speed limit of 80km/h.After installing the spare tire, the driver must follow the speed limit, to ensure safety. In the urban road speed should be controlled in a 60km / h or less, the speed cannot exceed 80km / h.If you are driving on the freeway, you should select the far right of the slow lane, while opening double-flashing warning light.

2,Spare tire should be mounted on the front axle
Where is the spare tire should be installed?No matter what vehicle drive shaft, high speed tires mounted on the rear axle, to prevent the potential of vehicle Oversteer (commonly known as “tail”), the speed lower spare tire mounted on the front axle.

3,Non-full-size spare tire is not long-term use
For the non-full size spare tire, it just “World Relief” role, and eventually is to replace them with new tires.If prolonged use of non-full-size spare tire, due to its large difference with the original tires, the vehicle’s braking performance and handling will have a significant effect on traffic safety cannot be guaranteed. The full-size spare tire is basically there is no problem, you can replace the original tires.

These views are important,if you want to your car more better,you need choose goodmileage correction tools to equipped with your car.
Other Diagnostic Tools - Maxidiag US703
Autel MaxiDiag US703 is an innovative multifunctional scan tool created for technicians who need a single tool suitable for both the general troubleshooting of Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) on OBD-II/EOBD compliant vehicles, US703 focus working on GM, Ford and Chrysler vehicles.Maxidiag US703 advanced vehicle scan tool is a must for the professional mechanic , its advanced, easy to use and come with an array of features.

Maxidiag US703 Functions:
Troubleshoots engine, ABS, transmission and airbags codes
Global OBDII/EOBD coverage(US, Asian & European)
Powered by Uni-SCAN technology
Supports all nine test modes of the latest J1979 OBD II test specs Retrieves generic (P0, P2, P3, and U0) and manufacturer specific (P1, P3, and U1) codes
Displays DTC definitions on unit screen
Views freeze frame data
Displays O2 sensor data as well as live datastream parameters
Data graphing (1996 and newer)
Reads, stores & playbacks live sensor data
Memory/battery backup for off-vehicle data review and analysis
Performs modules present test
Retrieves vehicle information (VIN, CIN and CVN)
Supports all current OBD-II protocols, including CAN
(Controller Area Network)
Extremely easy to use and highly reliable
Trilingual supportEnglish, Spanish, French or other
Software upgradeable via internet
Built-in OBD-II DTC lookup library
Prints data via PC

Works with the following
Gm 1994-2006
Ford 1994-2006
Chrysler 1998-2006
Global OBDII/EOBD coverage(US, Asian & European) Works as a generic fault code reader

Maxidiag US703 Packing List:
US703 code reader
OBD II connector
USB update cable
Carry case
Hard copy manual and update cd
Extension cable

Filter-tipped cigarettes can temporarily replace the distributor cam lubrication felts

If you encounter in the road on the way to the tank leaking pipe tobacco available temporary emergency. First hand pliers leaking tank larger heat film clip flat, then unscrew the filler cap tank while removing the thermostat (to prevent clogging); Then crumple the tobacco from the filler neck into the tank in the last starting the engine, respectively, with low, medium and high speed, such will be adsorbed into the tobacco core tube leaks in the water tank.

When looking into the tank after the leak was plugged, cover the filler cap before driving. But note that this can only be used as a contingency, back to the field after the application of high pressure water cleaning and thoroughly welding repair water tanks.

In addition, tobacco can also be used to temporary emergency in a small area of local bleeding. Engaged in auto repair work, cut through the point of flesh, the blood flow is not surprising. Bloodshed, if a cigarette with a clean silk dressing the wound cover, can play the role of temporary hemostasis and analgesia.

With a cigarette filter to temporarily replace the distributor cam lubrication on the felt.Cigarette filter tips on stripping the head first out of the paper, the right amount of stuff in the original felt metal clip filter wire (note that you must not be too tight or too loose), exposing the extra parts available scissors alignment;Then substitute felts (tuft) dripping a few drops of oil.

If this maintenance information can make your car healthy,so following mileage correction tools can make your car more better.
Mercedes Benz Carsoft 7.4
MB Carsoft 7.4 Multiplexer Description:
Mercedes Benz Carsoft 7.4 MCU controlled Interface brand new. You can read/erase all fault codes with this device,and also can read ecu information.
We provides you high quality with best price.
Petrol Engines : ENGINE – TYPES until April 2004 Additional Features: – ME LIVE DATA, ME CODING, ME ADAPTATION Vehicle Types: – W124 / W202 / W140 / R129 / W210 / W208 / R170 / W209 / W203 / W163 / W168 / W220 / W215 / R230 / G461 / G463 / Vito / V-Class / Sprinter
Diesel Engines : ENGINE – TYPES until April 2004 Additional Features: – CDI LIVE DATA, CDI INJECTOR TEST Vehicle Types: – W124 / W202 / W140 / W210 / W208 / W203 / W163 / W168 / W220 / G461 / G463 / Vito / V-Class / Sprinter ABS – ASR – ETS – ESP – BRAKE Systems until April 2004 Additional Features: – ESP LIVE DATA, ABS ACTIVATION ’95 onwards Vehicle Types: – W124 / W202 / W140 / R129 / W210 / W208 / R170 / W211 / W209 / W203 / W163 / W168 / W220 / W215 / R230 / G461 / G463 / Vito / V-Class / Sprinter SBC – SENSITIVE BRAKE CONTROL Systems till April 2004
Vehicle Types: W211 / R230 AIRBAG – AIRBAG Systems until April 2004

MB Carsoft 7.4 Multiplexer Package lncluding:
1. MB Carsoft 7.4 Interface OBD2
2. connection cable MB 38 pin connection
3. cable MB 3 pin
4. banana cable
5. RS232 extension cable
You need to use this software under Windows XP system and close anti-virus software!!!